A Practical and Sometimes Emotional Guide to the Adoption Process

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The Adoption Journey Is Hard.

My blog is here to help. I am a pre-adoptive mom 5 years (!) into the adoption process. I’ve needed a place to get practical advice, find community, and share experiences. If you need that too, welcome! I hope you enjoy my posts and respond with your own experiences so that we all get what we need as we wait to bring our little ones home.

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Hi! I’m Brigid, a 5 year veteran of the adoption process. I’m also the mom of a 9 year old son and a teacher. My husband and I have had many ups and downs on this journey – the most recent being waiting over 2 years to bring our 5 year old daughter home from Thailand. I created this blog to provide some practical advice, to share my story, and to hopefully create some community with others on the journey!

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